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(40> miles or Less)

(Rates are subject to change based on distance traveled.)

Moving Truck

Moving Services

The Main Service that we provide is the Labor needed to complete your Move. Whether you only need a 2-Person crew to Help, or you need 3 to 6 Movers to Help. 

We Move everything from a small Apartment to a large Multi-Family Home. We even handle U-BOX loads/unloads

,or if you just need something moved around in your house. We handle all the Physical aspects Needed for Your Move.

Driving Services

J&E Priority Movers LLC does not have its own Company Moving Truck.

We do provide the option to our customers of driving the Moving Truck for them, if needed.

We also provide Pick-Up and Delivery of said Moving Truck to your Moving Locations. Along with Truck Drop-Off 

Cleaning Services

We provide Carpet Cleaning Services to Our Customers. Along with all Clean-up of said Location.

Please Note, Cleaning supplies are not included in the price.


What our customers are saying:

J&E Movers were very Professional and courteous. They were there every step of the way and really made my move easy and manageable. They treated my things as if they were thiers. I would Highly recommend them to ANYBODY. 


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